Thursday, September 26, 2013

Lovely Friday :D

Friday arrive oredy...alhamdulillah ! today was so Cold coz rain falling heavily...very calm day but as a rider it was not good to me...kebasahan dlm kehujanan la nmpknya ak hari ni huwaa~
Apa yg plg merisaukan adalah BANJIR !! OMG ! Moga hujan x berterusan hingga ke petang...amiin. guess what?? Im wake up so early this morning so that i can cook for my breakfast & Lunch ! 2 in 1...cook la sgt, actually menghabiskan nasi & lauk pauk smlm yg beli banyak...running out of money oredy...huhu ! kalo membeli mcm dipukau2 rasanya smua bnda nk beli...tup2 habis rm30 !! melopong kau haha
Hari Jumaat hri penghulu segala hari...disunatkan kita membaca surah Al-Kahfi..marilah kita sama-sama amalkan. Disunatkan juga untuk memotong kuku pada hari Jumaat. And jumaat ini im wearing my NEW JUBAH...mother;s treat !! really feeling loved...thanks mom ! love u deep inside :D

That’s all ! have a nice Friday & hope ur day brighter than yesterday...chow~ assalamualaikm

Wednesday, September 25, 2013



Hellooo guys ! How are You Today ? I hope all of u was in da pink of Health. Today, i’ll  like to share about my New Life & My NEW Career !!! Ya ! im a career woman now ! Feeling LUCKY :D before dat, plz foget my grammar not soo good in English but i LOVE English very Much !

This is My SweetHeart !

 6 years old student

 alia & zarish

 4 years old student

 celebrating fren"s birthday

Ya ! Im a kindergarten Teacher ! but today, i feel so stress ! i Juz know dat my 4 years old student Can’t READ & How im going to teach???? How? Hmm feeling sad & down ! girls & boys, Love u all but how can I do to make u understand? T_T

I think da syllabus not suit to them. The 4 yeARS student only like to play & play...they love to Sing and Dance...its Hard !! but i promise to myself i’ll not easily give up & will try n try to teach them !

ALLAH plz give me chance and STRENGTH !



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